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Untether Technologies’ patent-pending ordering platform, incorporating proprietary ordering and delivery modules, includes three core components:

Customer mobile order application:

Customers can easily select from pickup or delivery options, selecting a preferred location (for pickup or delivery) and either their estimated arrival time or their preferred available delivery slot.

Once an order is placed, Untether Technologies’ Cloud Server takes over. For pickup, this means accurately predicting a customer’s actual arrival time at a pickup location, factoring in weather, traffic, and even if a customer stops traveling temporarily ahead of picking up their order. For delivery, Cloud Server manages the interaction between the mobile app, the truck-based Kitchen Display System (KDS) and the Untether Routing Optimization System to dispatch a Mobile Kitchen to prepare and deliver a freshly-made order to the delivery location.

This estimated arrival time is synched to Untether Technologies Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS), allowing the physical production of the customer’s order to be aligned to the actual arrival time.

Cloud server ordering and delivery system:

This is where the core functionality of Untether’s technology resides.  The cloud server interacts with both the customer’s smartphone and the Mobile Kitchen or Restaurant location to coordinate order acceptance and payment, pickup or delivery location, delivery timeline, order preparations, and the completion of all orders.  The cloud server tracks all customer orders, determines which Mobile Kitchen or Restaurant location to assign to each order, manages an order queue for each location, determines when to send each order to “production” and supports the delivery of each order, based on location analysis.

Kitchen Display System:

A service device on each Mobile Kitchen or in-store Restaurant receives and displays all incoming orders for preparation in production queue based on customer location and required “ready time”.  Interacting with the cloud server, the service device optimizes order production and delivery for all customer orders, focusing on convenience, minimized wait times, and product freshness.

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