Untether Technologies - Restaurant Kitchen Display System

Restaurant Kitchen Display System

Optimize your Restaurant kitchen inventory management and workflow, and deliver the best version of your product: ready just-in-time as the customer arrives.

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Untether Technologies - Mobile Kitchen Software Suite
Untether Technologies’ Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) truly is the backbone of how we’re bringing the future of mobile ordering to restaurants.  Beyond powering a restaurant’s pickup fulfillment service, the KDS also manages inventory, PAR-based daily restocking, and order printing.

At Untether Technologies we offer a flexible system: customers can choose to use our complete KDS app – including hardware, if preferred – or we can integrate all of the benefits of our mobile KDS technology into your existing KDS solution.  Using our patent-pending customer arrival technology, order preparation and management is easy with Untether Technologies’ Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  • Pickup Mode
    Pickup Mode

    Once a pickup order is placed, Untether Technologies’ Cloud Server takes over: accurately predicting a customer’s actual arrival time at a pickup location, factoring in weather, traffic, and even if a customer stops traveling temporarily ahead of picking up their order.  This estimated arrival time is synchronized to Untether Technologies’ Restaurant KDS, allowing the physical production of the customer’s order to be aligned to their actual arrival.

  • Arrival Times
    Arrival Times

    Customer arrival times are conveniently displayed on each order ticket in the KDS.  When it’s time to prepare a customer order, orders can be added to the hot queue (manually or automatically) for order printing, production, and staging just before the customer’s arrival.  The Restaurant KDS has integrated customer order staging capabilities, allowing prepared orders to be placed in automatically-generated staging locations in restaurants, allowing for easy distribution by staff upon customer arrival.

An Untether Restaurant KDS will deliver real benefits to your business and to your customers:

  • Less Waiting, Fewer Lineups: production is timed to the customer’s actual arrival time.
  • Improved Food Quality: product is made “just in time” at the pickup location, freshness optimized!
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: your customer gets the best version of both you and your product.
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