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Restaurant Admin Portal

Manage your entire restaurant chain on a single platform: Untether's Admin Portal is the new backbone for your business.

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Untether Technologies - Admin Portal DashboardManaging a large chain of restaurants might seem like a difficult task, but Untether Technologies’ Admin Portal makes it easy.

All information added into the Admin Portal is synchronized to both Untether’s Mobile App and Restaurant KDS in real-time: from a single location, a restaurant chain can manage a large group of restaurants by efficiently managing the following features:

  • Locations

    New pickup and delivery locations can easily be setup, updated, or deleted altogether.  Changes to locations can be made in real time, pushing the updates to both Mobile App and Mobile KDS implementations immediately.

  • Inventory

    Real-time inventory changes can be made and pushed out easily across a large network of restaurants.  Your inventory PARS can also be setup, managed, and standardized for all locations: quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • Orders

    View and manage both current and historical orders for all locations, allowing you to compare data and easily make changes that improve order profitability.

  • Notifications

    Both general and proximity-based notifications can be setup and “pushed”  to Untether-enabled Mobile Apps.  These notifications can be scheduled for pending future marketing campaigns, or pushed in real-time in an effort to immediately affect sales at multiple locations simultaneously.

The Untether Technologies Admin Portal delivers the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: easily manage a large fleet of locations from a single platform.
  • Cost Reduction: reduce your costs by efficiently managing inventory from a single location across a large network of restaurant locations.
  • Revenue Improvement: drive revenue with real-time app-based notifications to all Untether-enabled Mobile Apps.
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