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Mobile Ordering

Expand your Mobile Kitchen's capacity with the ability to offer your customers both pickup and delivery options.

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Untether Technolgies - Mobile App
With Untether Technologies driving your mobile ordering, you’ll soon see increased efficiencies across the board.  Customers can choose to use our iOS or Android mobile ordering apps, or we can integrate all of the benefits of our mobile ordering technology into your existing mobile ordering solution – we’re flexible!

  • Pickup App
    Pickup App

    Customers can easily select a pickup location and place an order with their estimated arrival time. Once a pickup order is placed, Untether Technologies’ Cloud Server takes over: accurately predicting a customer’s actual arrival time at a pickup location, factoring in weather, traffic, and even if a customer stops traveling temporarily ahead of picking up their order.  This estimated arrival time is synched to Untether Technologies Kitchen Display System (KDS), allowing the physical production of the customer’s order to be aligned to their actual arrival.

  • Delivery App
    Delivery App

    Customers can easily determine if they are in a delivery area by entering their desired delivery address.  If they are in a delivery area, they can easily follow an intuitive process to select an available delivery slot, select menu items and complete an order.  Once a delivery order is placed, Untether Technologies’ Cloud Server will manage interaction between the mobile app, the truck-based Kitchen Display System (KDS) and the Mobile Advanced Routing App to dispatch a Mobile Kitchen to prepare and deliver a freshly-made order to the delivery location.

Benefits of the Mobile Ordering Pickup & Delivery App include:

  • Less Waiting, Fewer Lineups: production is timed to the customer’s or the Mobile Kitchen’s actual arrival time.
  • Improved Food Quality: product is made “just in time” at the pickup or delivery location, freshness optimized!
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: your customer gets the best version of both your service and your product.
  • Improved Efficiency: increased restaurant capacity during peak time; make orders based on actual need.
  • Decreased Waste: no need to remake cold, melted, or soggy orders – there aren’t any!
  • Improved Restaurant Profitability: not paying third-party delivery service fees
  • Reduced Customer Cost: not paying third-party delivery app fees
  • Better for the Environment: fewer delivery vehicles utilized
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