Untether Technologies - Mobile Cloud Server Order and Delivery System

Mobile Cloud Server Order and Delivery System

Coordinate all your Mobile Kitchen orders and deliveries with utmost precision: Untether's groundbreaking arrival time prediction system will deliver results while you deliver the goods.

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Untether Technologies - Mobile Kitchen Software Suite
Untether Technologies’ patent-pending Cloud Server Order & Delivery System (Cloud Server) coordinates all activity between our Mobile Apps, Kitchen Display System, Route Optimization and Admin Portal – across both Pickup and Delivery modes. 

Untether’s Cloud Server technologies operate on AWS, in a highly-scalable environment, to ensure all customer Mobile Kitchen Solutions will operate flawlessly – whether managing 1,000 or 1,000,000 daily orders.

  • Mobile Pickup Mode
    Mobile Pickup Mode

    Once a pickup order is placed, Untether Technologies’ Cloud Server takes over: accurately predicting a customer’s actual arrival time at a pickup location, factoring in weather, traffic, and even if a customer stops traveling temporarily ahead of picking up their order.  This estimated arrival time is synched to Untether Technologies’ Kitchen Display System (KDS), allowing the physical production of the customer’s order to be aligned to their actual arrival.

  • Mobile Delivery Mode
    Mobile Delivery Mode

    Once a delivery order is placed, the Untether Cloud Server manages interactions between the mobile app, the truck-based Kitchen Display System, and Untether’s Routing Optimization System to dispatch a Mobile Kitchen to prepare and deliver a freshly-made order to the delivery location.

Third-party delivery services reduce order profitability and product quality; Untether Cloud Server delivers many benefits as part of a Mobile Kitchen Solution:

  • Less Waiting, Fewer Lineups: production is timed to the customer’s or the Mobile Kitchen’s actual arrival time.
  • Improved Food Quality: product is made “just in time” at the pickup or delivery location, freshness optimized!
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: your customer gets the best version of both you and your product.
  • Improved Restaurant Profitability: not paying third-party delivery service fees
  • Reduced Customer Cost: not paying third-party delivery app fees
  • Decreased Waste: no need to remake cold, melted, or soggy orders – there aren’t any!
  • Better for the Environment: fewer delivery vehicles utilized
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