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Align order production to your customers “actual” arrival at your location with Untether’s fully-integrated order and pickup restaurant platform.

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Untether Technologies - Mobile Kitchen Software Suite
Speak to any customer today and many will tell you the biggest problem they experience with picking up mobile orders at restaurants is that the restaurant doesn’t know when they will actually arrive.

The restaurant may “try” to estimate an arrival time with third-party software, but — invariably — with traffic, weather, and other delays, many times a customer arrives to find their food sitting out waiting to be picked up, getting cold, or their order hasn’t even been made yet.  This results in lower customer satisfaction, higher restaurant costs, and both the restaurant and customer feeling unfulfilled.

Untether Technologies resolves this conundrum with our Restaurant Software Solutions featuring our Mobile Ordering App, a Cloud Server Ordering and Delivery System, a Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) and an Admin Portal.

Each of these individual pieces of software works together cohesively to ensure that orders are made just-in-time, aligned to each customer’s arrival.  This is possible thanks to Untether’s patent-pending technology which accurately predicts actual customer arrival times, aligning the order production schedule to this crucial piece of information.

  • Restaurant Mobile Ordering App
    Restaurant Mobile Ordering App

    Expand your restaurant offerings without the drawbacks and hurdles of a third-party ordering service.

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  • Restaurant Cloud Server Ordering & Delivery System
    Restaurant Cloud Server Ordering & Delivery System

    Coordinate all your restaurant’s pickup orders with utmost precision: Untether’s groundbreaking customer arrival time prediction system will make online ordering a breeze.

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  • Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS)
    Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS)

    Optimize your Restaurant kitchen inventory management and workflow, and deliver the best version of your product: ready just-in-time as the customer arrives.

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  • Admin Portal
    Admin Portal

    Manage a single restaurant, or an entire chain: Untether’s Admin Portal is the new backbone for your business.

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